Leave No Trace in the Outdoors


Written by Dr. Jeffrey Marion

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The Leave No Trace Principles can be applied anywhere, from wilderness to local parks and backyards. The book explains how to apply the principles in different environments, for different activities, and provides detailed guidance for minimizing recreation-related impacts. Ben Lawhon, Education Director for the Center noted that the new publication fills a niche that no other publication has done to date. “This book provides scientifically-based guidance for frontcountry areas, which has been a focus of the Center for many years, but until now there was not a single source of information for frontcountry.”
The Center defines frontcountry as outdoor areas that are easy to get to by car and mostly visited by day users. These areas do include developed campsites for overnight car camping. According to Lawhon, “the vast majority of outdoor recreation in the U.S. takes place in frontcountry, and this book will go a long way towards ensuring responsible enjoyment of these shared areas across the country.”

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